What’s Old Is New Again

January 1, 2016 12:58 am Published by What’s Old Is New Again What goes around, comes around. How many times have we heard that statement? The statement doesn’t just ring true in fashion, it also applies to home decor. Years ago, people were turning their nose ups at wallpaper and sticking strictly with paint. But in the same way that many 1980s children had two toned, sponge painted bedrooms (do we really want that to come back around?!), wallpaper is making a comeback. Several high end designers are using wallpaper to make an impact. Whether it’s a stunning statement wall to anchor a living room, or a funky pattern to make an impact in a bathroom, wallpaper has a real power to change the overall vibe of a space. However, wallpaper and temporary living spaces don’t usually mix. What’s one to do if they like the look of wallpaper, but you live in an apartment? Finally, designers have come to your rescue. Enter temporary, removable wallpaper. The coolest part about temporary wallpaper is that you can change it as often as you’d like. Want a complete “remodel” after spying a space in your favorite magazine? Well, that’s doable! So, where do you find temporary wallpaper? Since the space isn’t under your ownership, it’s important to choose a quality paper that will remove cleanly and not damage the walls underneath. Some names you already know are in the temporary wallpaper business, including Sherwin-Williams. Apartment Therapy also delves into the 10 best sources for peel and stick wallpaper, so you’re sure to find a pattern and style that fits your style. If you’re still a bit unsure, or decide wallpaper isn’t for you, there’s always a little something called Washi Tape. This colorful, uber popular tape makes a unique and super simple way to spruce up your space. The tape is inexpensive and comes in pretty much every color you could imagine, which means you can decorate and redecorate as often as you’d like. Want to add a little pizzazz to your bathroom cabinets or a way to add some pop to a basic Ikea cabinet? Washi tape can help! There are so many articles and blogs out there devoted to the tape and all the funky things you can do with it – including this one with a whopping 56 different uses for the tape.

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