The Majesty of the Mediterranean… in Texas

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Old town Croatia is what dreams are made of. Filled with stunning architecture and delightful cobblestone streets meandering throughout the land, it is no wonder tourists from around the world are awestruck by its beauty.


The seaside enclave of Supetar is the epitome of what a truly Croatian town should be. It is simply astonishing with idyllic landscapes and timeless charm. If you’re looking for peaceful, this island village has no rival.


The stretches of Mediterranean beach are perfect for those who chase the sun, not to mention home to some of the best swimming, diving, water skiing, and fishing anywhere in the region. The clouds conjure memories of fluffy cotton candy melting into an almost impossibly blue horizon. Spend your days filling up on Vitamin D and your nights watching sunsets that are sure to have you believing there is magic in the sky. The blue, purple, and pink hues have even been known to inspire poets, writers, and lyricists to produce some of their most terrific work. If you prefer to stay active inland, the hiking is world class and cyclists will love the unique challenges hidden within the Croatian hills.


Supetar is the epicenter of the Island of Brac, in the Middle Dalmatian Islands, due to some well known places like the Leroj clocktower, the parish of Mary’s Annunciation, and the church museum which houses numerous iconic statues. The town has also been the economic leader as well as the administrative center of the island since 1827.


The village is highly accessible to those interested in the culture, history, and recreational activities that it offers. Regular ferries run from the mainland taking only 45 minutes from dock to dock. There are also private options to get you there in half the time (for double the price of course.)

When looking for the perfect place to holiday, Supetar, Croatia is off the charts. It gives all visitors the opportunity to visit a  postcard perfect village, enjoy the majesty of the Mediterranean, all while avoiding its crowded neighbor Sol.

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