The Adriatica Village Project Commencement

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The Adriatica Village project…

Ever imagined walking the cobblestone streets in the quaint village of Supertar? The Adriatica Village is a sight to behold. Nestled in  the Adriatic coast of Croatia, the village boasts beautiful architecture of buildings and unique shops and flats.


In the Adriatica Village project, special attention has been paid to the shops that occupy Adriatica with an aim of making them complement one another. Adriatica balances the wants and needs of its inhabitants thereby weaving a true community. Bustling restaurants and retail shops are located throughout the Village. The serene residential settings, charming village atmosphere, multiple recreational areas and small business retail districts, all blend with the culture of Croatia and comes together to form a balanced way of life that can enhance your living experience.


And the unique restaurants, office space, luxury condominiums and retail shops, will overlook the lake to offer you a chance to relax and enjoy shopping, fine dining, and a tranquil stroll around the water’s edge. All these commercial and office sites are now available at The Bell Tower, the beautiful Riva Harbor, St. Paul Town Square, ACO Building Med Park One, and BOL Building. Riva Harbor will be home to several restaurants, including waterside coffee shops, a boutique retail and an island site accessed by stone bridges.


The project involves not only proper visual design and architecture, but also expertise in social interaction and culture. It is not just about building, but also about how to arrange the pieces of daily life, from where people live and work, to where they play and shop. The construction may look simple, but it will reflect the best of Eastern European architecture and art. This will be the best place to live.


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