So, You’ve Got A Pet… Now What?

February 5, 2016 1:12 am Published by So, You’ve Got A Pet…Now What? Ok, real talk here. Pet’s can be gross. Sure, we love them and they’re the ultimate companions, but the idea that we have to clean out their litter box or pick up their messes outside can be a turn off. However, we do it for those exact same reasons. Because when you love your pet, you’re willing to do the not-so-nice things in order to show your love. All that being said, if there’s a way to make life with pets and their needs easier, it’s worth exploring. First of all, invest in some scented bags. The same way they make scented trash bags for our kitchen trash can, there are scented “business bags” for pups too. This makes the process of cleaning up after your furry friend just a little bit better. It’s wise to invest in a nice leash and harness for your dog as well, as they’re going to spend a lot of time wearing and using these two items. If your dog loves long walks, a raincoat could be helpful, and if you have a smaller dog or a pup with shorter hair, a sweater for the chilly winter months is a nice touch. For your cat, a scratching post is always welcome and it’s on trend these days to grow your own cat nip. Think of how happy that would make your pet! There, that takes care of your pet’s needs, but, what about your needs? Like the need to keep your home clean and free of pet hair. While it may not be feasible to be completely absent of pet hair, it is possible to cut down on the excess with a few cool cleaning tools. A Swiffer sweeper should be present in your house, or at least the cleaning cloths. The cloths trap hair that likes to find its way to the corners and edges of your floors. For your furniture, grab a pair of rubber gloves and sweep your hands over the couch. The gloves will allow you to gather the hair in clumps and pull it right off the furniture. Finally, for those times when you’re bringing out the big guns, try one of these vacuums, which tested best for removal of pesky pet hair, dander, fur and any odors that may come with it.

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