Small Items, Big Impact

December 25, 2015 12:53 am Published by Small Items, Big Impact When you first move into a new place, there are tons of big things to buy. Couches and tables and chairs, oh my! While those things are certainly important (you have to have somewhere to sit after all), it’s often the little things that can make the most impact. A tiny trinket sitting on the bookshelf can spark a conversation about an interesting place you’ve visited. A beautiful pillow covering can remind you of your grandmother’s unique sewing abilities. Sure, the larger pieces in a home can bring about a cohesive environment, and probably get the most attention, it’s the little things strewn about that can evoke memories. The best place to start is with things you already have! Go through your closest and junk drawer and cabinets, searching for little things that could be displayed instead of hidden away. Soaps with beautiful packaging could work better on a shelf in the bathroom rather than under the sink. Or if packaging displays aren’t your thing, try a metal or lucite soap dispenser next to the sink. that way you can use whichever soaps you like, but the decor of the room stays the same. If you’re feeling brave, you can go into your closet and choose the most beautiful pair of shoes you own, which by some weird law of the universe are often the most under worn anyway, and display them on top of coffee table books in your living room. Throw your cufflinks in a small bowl by the front door or store your vitamins in a teeny tiny glass jar in the kitchen. Use the wonderful Washi Tape to make a gallery wall of photos you’ve kept, but haven’t displayed. If you look at what you already own with a fresh set of eyes, it’s likely you’ll find plenty of design inspiration. Another area that benefits from small changes is an office area. Now, you office doesn’t need to be an entire room devoted to work. Your desk area can be clean and organized, but a bit whimsical as well. Try color coordinating your office supplies and store them in clear containers on your desk. Try hanging a skinny piece of yarn with mini clothespins above your desk to hang business cards or important post it notes. A beautiful glass or mug (or a vase, toothbrush holder, really, a cup of any kind) with a nice set of pens always makes a desk feel special. Furniture may define your overall style, but it’s the little things that truly make a house feel like home.

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