Slice Those Bills, Save Some Dough

February 12, 2016 11:50 pm Published by Downsizing may not be the first word you think of when you move into your new apartment. And why would you, you have this great new space, and if anything, you want to up-size. Right? Well, we’re not talking about downsizing your space or your belongings. We’re talking about downsizing your outside bills. Is the amount you pay to Mr. Cell Phone Provider each month set in stone? Surprisingly, in many cases, it’s not! There are companies that are willing to work with customers to reduce their bills, but it can’t happen if you don’t ask. One of the best resources out there for ideas, tips, and tricks for reducing your bills, and reinforcing the idea that there are in fact, companies that tend to bend the rules a little (the customer is always right after all!), is this article from LifeHack. Thirty ways to cut your spending? Yes, please! Also, look through the entire LifeHack website for tons of ideas on how to cut unnecessary spending, along with awesome ideas for improving your overall well being. While some of the things listed may veer to the slightly extreme side, some are applicable for nearly every person and household out there. One more great resource for cutting your spending is this article by Amanda Thomas (known as the Domestic CEO) based on the premise that it is possible to reduce the size of your grocery bill, while still getting the food you like. Since you’re looking into your food bills, it might be the time to consider whether or not to keep buying those organic foods. Check out this write-up for a breakdown of organic vs. non-organic. You don’t have to decide one way or the other right now, heck you could even change your mind week to week or day to day, but at least you’ll be more aware of what’s going in and out – nutritionally and financially. And finally, what if you could just cut out some bills entirely? With all the companies out there ready and willing to offer your favorite TV shows at the touch of a button, do you need 600 cable channels, 95% of which you’ve never watched? This isn’t just the case with cable TV, but with other services as well. MSN breaks down the things they think you can live without. Also from MSN, this cool breakdown of alternate uses for things you probably already have in your home. Nothing like solving a household issue with things you already own – saving precious dollars in the process.

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