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May 11, 2016 6:35 pm Published by Few things bring more joy than that morning cup of joe, although that 2:30 pm midday-slump coffee may come pretty close. Sure, there’s always the option to pop into Starbucks (in fact, we have one right down the street!), but what if you want to stay in your pajamas or really just can’t be bothered to get out of bed? Are you expected to suffer?
If that sounds slightly over dramatic, that’s because it is. About 90% of Americans consume caffeine in one form or another and coffee is a popular choice to fill that need. The good news is, you can make a high quality cup at home. Machines range from a Mastrena Espresso Machine that will make you feel like the owner of your very own coffee shop (but also set you back several thousand dollars), to the popular mid-range options like NEPRESSO and KEURIG, all the way down to $10 tea kettles that can be used to pour boiling water over instant coffee grinds.
If high end is your goal, take a step out of the Starbucks book and try a MACHINE NAME in conjunction with STARBUCKS COFFEE BRANDS. Not only do they go together like elevators and MUSAK, but if it’s good enough for the WORLD’S LARGEST COFFEE CHAIN, it’s good enough for your kitchen. While Starbucks sells many different types of coffee to make at home, the most popular are COFFEE TYPE 1 and COFFEE TYPE 2. If you’d like to branch out a bit, try COFFEE TYPE from COFFEE BRAND. The company brews their coffee from MORE INFO ABOUT THE COMPANY BLAH BLAH BLAH
To head into that mid-range spot, the most popular here are Nepresso and Keurig. Keurig revolutionized the coffee industry when they introduced their K-cups in YEAR. This means you no longer had to share the same pot of coffee as your office mates and if your partner wanted tea on a Saturday morning, you could opt for hot chocolate.  

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