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July 10, 2015 1:34 am Published by pet friendly apartment As apartment life becomes more and more attractive to young professionals seeking the perfect place to live, it can often be a struggle to decide which pooch would make the perfect companion. With less space than a traditional house and typically no yard for them to rule, picking the correct breed is an important choice. Although there are several acceptable pups for apartment living, outlined below are three great choices with vastly different personalities and body types: Chihuahua: Don’t be fooled by the stigma that surrounds this dog. They have developed a bit of a diva reputation as they’re often pictured popping out of expensive handbags, but Chihuahuas are fiercely loyal and love to snuggle. The same small frame that lends itself to being carried in a purse means any apartment, even a tiny studio, seems like a mansion to them. Look into the long-haired Chihuahua as they often have a calmer temperament and are less vocal than their short-haired counterparts. English Bulldog:These lazy bums are the perfect pet for those who want something bigger than a toy breed but also want the effortless joy of a dog who requires only enough exercise to get to the restroom. Bulldogs don’t mind the foot traffic outside the door as neighbors come and go; they might lift their head, but will quickly drift back into a snooze session. They are quick to attach to their owner and will always enjoy a bit of time watching the game next to you on the couch. Keep in mind that they don’t cope well with heat so make sure your place is always nice and cool. Of course, there are many fantastic types of dogs out there who – with the right training – would make perfect pets for compact apartment life. Give them love and affection and they will truly become your new best friend.

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