McKinney’s Superior Schools and Safe Streets

July 24, 2015 6:29 pm Published by McKinney’s Superior Schools and Safe Streets #1 Best Place to Live in America Educating your children and keeping them safe has become some of the biggest factors during the process of moving. Making sure that they are challenged, mentored, coached, and fostered to reach their highest potential becomes exponentially easier when you have a top notch school district to rely on. Keeping them safe is also effortless with the family friendly and secure neighborhoods of McKinney. McKinney Independent School District is home to an impressive 25,000 students that are active on 31 campuses around the area (3 High Schools, 5 Middle Schools, 20 elementary schools, and 3 alternative learning facilities). C.T. Eddins Elementary, Glen Oaks Elementary, Valley Creek Elementary, and Wolford Elementary have all received the National Blue Ribbon School Award, a designation that is given to those who have demonstrated a high level of performance or significant improvements in closing the achievement gap when 40% of the students population is classified as disadvantaged. The school district also attracts some of the best and brightest education professionals from around the Metroplex, as they often earn above the national average. This pays dividends in the district’s overall success and has even seen graduation rates soar 10% above that of the rest of the nation. Overall the district sees a student/teacher ratio of about a 17 to 1, and the facilities are nowhere near capacity, making it a comfortable environment for the kids. McKinney also boasts an amazingly low crime rate that blows the rest of Texas out of the water. In comparison to other areas, violent crimes are only about ⅓ and the reported property crimes are 33% lower as well. The police department has launched a great tool for residents to keep a real time watch on the crime activities with their P2C (Police-to-Citizen) web system. On the website, you can set a specific date range, look at a particular neighborhood, and search the wanted list and sex offenders registry. The tool is completely interactive and was launched with every intention to not only keep residents safe but also informed about the happenings in their town. With the superior education and the proactive police force watching the streets, you can rest easy and check those major concerns off of the list. McKinney is peaceful, beautiful, and the perfect place to raise a young family. Tags: ,

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