McKinney Trails and Open Spaces

July 3, 2015 5:00 am Published by tower McKinney Trails and Open Spaces

As you settle into a great new place like McKinney, the necessities will quickly be found. The nearest grocery store, a local pharmacy, and best happy hour will all be easy to spot and incorporate into your routine. Next comes the task of locating the best recreational spaces to relax and unwind. Lucky for you, McKinney has no shortage of open spaces to meander aimlessly, catch a few rays, and to stay fit while enjoying the great outdoors.


The first stop when searching for the perfect park in McKinney definitely should be Erwin Park. This vast wonderland boasts 212 acres of unparalleled green area to explore. As you enter Erwin, your senses will immediately be on overload as you try to decide where to start. There are endless fields of colorful wildflowers to stroll through and secret patches of grass you can claim as your own for spring picnics. Or perhaps you’d like to begin by laying out a base on the main sunny stretch of grass. This will provide a centralized landing pad to take in all that the park has to offer.


After people watching for a bit, stretch out and warm up those muscles in preparation to conquer the amazing 8 mile mountain bike trail. This single track offers up some challenging terrain to pedal. It was designed and is currently maintained by the Dallas Off Road Bike Association and every detail is meant to challenge your skills, test your nerves, and push your endurance.


Once you have tactically mastered the hills, inclines, and jumps of the bike trail, it is time to enjoy some relaxation. Head to the center of the park, just north of the trail, to the fishing area. Bait up that hook, cast away, and remember that lunch is on the line each time a fish nibbles. Show off your angling skills and chat up some of the park’s regulars to try to score the secret combination that they swear to be the perfect bait. Set the hook on the catch of the day just in time for lunch.


Dont be shy as you make your way to the pavilions to make use of a grill as this is one of the most popular areas of Erwin. Preheat it as you clean the fish and slice the perfect filets for lunch or ask someone who is already cooking if you can borrow a bit of space. They are bound to be impressed with not only the fresh fish that you pulled out of the lake, but also your culinary skills as you marinate the fillet in the perfect blend of lemon juice, thyme, garlic, and pepper.


Now that you have fueled up with a delicious meal, it is time to cap off the day with a bit of frisbee near the pavilions with your new friends. A show stopping sunset is the only thing you’ll need to top off a delightful day at Erwin.  

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