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July 31, 2015 3:09 pm Published by Once you get the paperwork completed and you have keys in hand to your new apartment at St. Paul Square at Adriatica, the next logical step is developing a fun and functional space using the practice of feng shui. It is the ancient Asian art of arranging your furniture to maximize the flow of energy in your home. Some think that it is difficult to achieve proper feng shui in an apartment as the different spaces merge together without much separation. The secret lies in following a few essential steps and a bit of trial and error. The first necessity is organization. Feng shui will not even begin to happen without the proper place for all of your belongings. Check out an earlier post about organizing all of your belongings called Everything has a Place for tips and tricks to maximize the liveable area. The next step is to clearly divide the different areas. You can use plants, standing dividers, bookcases, or even just different colors and patterns. Remember to keep clutter to a minimum to allow for the chi to flow freely. There are a ton of resources out there to refer to the meaning of different colors and elements but always remember that gold represents abundance so it might be a good idea to bling a few things out. The last rule is probably the most important. Always keep the main entryway clean and clear. It is thought to be the gateway for positive energy to enter and negative energy to escape so it is vital not to let it accumulate your belongings as you enter your home. Remember that the key is to have fun with it. Even if you are not a believer in Far East philosophies, trying a new decorating technique can be relaxing and the experience of decluttering has been proven to reduce stress, promote productivity, and even help with getting more sleep. To find more tips on feng shui, check out’s articles. They link to others that dive deep into the details of the practice and how to truly rearrange everything to achieve the fullest of the chi. Tags:

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