Lower stress with house plants.

August 7, 2015 7:50 pm Published by Peace Lily Nothing can improve the overall livability of a home more than a nice assortment of house plants. Not only can they purify the air and make the space healthier, they have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and lower tension. Here are some suggestions that look great, are easy to take care of, and are available at most garden sections of your local hardware store. Bamboo Palm – These plants are great as they do not need direct sunlight so you can put them nearly anywhere in the apartment. These plants can grow upwards of 12 feet so be careful not to over-fertilize or you might have more than you bargained for. Spider Plant – This is a common plant due to its easy nature and because it thrives in a wide variety of environments. These are great if you are new to gardening or if you have not had success in caring for other plants. They are very forgiving and the only effect that will show is a few brown tips. Keep them in indirect light and water often but do not let the soil stay soggy. Peace Lily – This is probably the most elegant and beautiful plant on the list because of the contrast of the bright white flower to the deep green leaves. They are easy to care for if you keep in medium to low light but do not over water as it will kill the plant. The best way to know when to water is not to do it on a set schedule but to wait until the plant begins to droop a bit. Aloe – This succulent is also perfect for a beginner because of its low maintenance needs. It is a lifesaver if you spend too much time at the pool and forget to reapply the SPF as the gel inside the plant helps cool the burn and moisturize the damaged skin. Aloe thrives in bright conditions and the temperature will determine how much water the plant needs. Setting your place up with these plants will change the look, feel, and overall air quality of your apartment. But don’t just stop at these plants. They are a good start but if you make friends with your local gardening expert, they will undoubtedly have a ton of plant options and the proper care advice.

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