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January 15, 2016 1:04 am Published by Let There Be Light There’s a reason you hear photographers go on and on about light. It really can change a scene completely. Not that you’re always styling away, creating scenes in your living room, but the right lighting sources for your home can make a difference in the way you feel and how your home style is perceived. Bad lighting can date your home, make it feel drab, or be just plain irritating. So, you’ve realized the lighting in your home isn’t up to snuff, and you want to make a change. Where to start? A good place to find inspiration is from your favorite magazines, blogs, or Pinterest. Once you find something you love, keep it in mind and when you’re out shopping, find something similar. Don’t discount thrift shops or online retailers like Amazon and Overstock, you can often find unexpected bargains for lighting options that look more expensive. Apartment Therapy can help too, here they’ve listed 10 sources for good, cheap lighting. It’s also good to remember that with a quality electrical kit (and possibly help from an employee at Home Depot or a handy friend), you can turn just about anything into a light source. Once you’ve found the perfect light source, it’s time to add the perfect bulb. We all remember those colorful and patterned light bulbs from our childhood that could project blue or red light onto the walls of our room. Well, no one’s really using those anymore, but if you have a need for blue lights, go right on ahead! The best choice in bulbs goes to LED bulbs of course, for their energy efficient nature and long lasting quality. Check out this story Lifehacker did about the 5 best LED bulbs, based on rating from real people. There are some cool ones on the list, but they can get a bit pricey. The best rated bulb you can buy at the store down the street is the GE Reveal 60W LED Bulb. Reviewers claim this bulb has some sort of special ability that no one can really put their finger on to make the colors sharp and vibrant. And after you’ve spent all that time and money on decor, why not bathe it in the best light possible? Finally, if you’re looking for something to light up your home that is truly unique (99% sure none of your friends have seen lights like this), try one of the options on this list.

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