Keep Your Entire Home Smelling Fresh

January 29, 2016 1:09 am Published by Keep Your Entire Home Smelling Fresh “Wow, your house smells amaaaazing!” Aren’t those just dream words to hear? We’ve all been to someone’s house where the entire thing just seems to smell fantastic. Every room may not smell the same, but they all smell good. How is it possible? Does this person have an unlimited candle budget? Do they put those wall flower oils in every single outlet? Chances are probably not, but they probably do have some tricks up their sleeve. Luckily, you can steal those tricks to make your own house just as fresh and fragrant. The #1 rule for keeping a fresh smelling house is to actually keep your home clean. A dirty house can never really smell great. Make sure spots prone to funky smells like your fridge, pantry, bathroom, garbage disposal, and laundry room are given a thorough cleaning. Fragrant trash bags can keep your can from getting too bad, and adding baking soda to your fridge can keep food odors under control. Doing all of these things will not only make your home feel fresh, but it will let you start with a neutral odor, which you can then layer scents on top of to make your home smell wonderful. Next, start playing with fragrance. Strong candles can bring scent and ambiance, but be sure to not leave them burning unattended. The 3-wick candles at Bath & Body Works always get high marks for fragrance dispersion, and the company makes other products that carry the same scent. Using a room spray to freshen up your rooms as well as any linens in them is a small step that goes a long way. Using a scented oil or wall plug in that matches the room spray and scented candles is going to really step up your scent game. Try to keep something with a fresh scent in each room. Speaking of candles, they are certainly beautiful and add an air of class to your abode, but they can get expensive, especially if you enjoy burning them nearly constantly when you’re at home. If candle costs got you down, try a diffuser, which can disperse a scent over time, and makes for a more subtle scent profile. Can’t get over that candle obsession? Try discount stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls, or the Bath & Body Works outlet to get a great deal on sweet smells. If you’re in the market for a luxe fragrance, try Off Saks, Nordstrom Rack, or Neiman Marcus Last Call, where you can often find amazing scented products in museum worthy packaging.   Stop on by to visit our Village Shopping at St. Paul’s Square.   Apply Now!  

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