Hosting a Great Get-Together in an Apartment!

August 28, 2015 6:27 pm Published by Getting a new place sparks a lot of excitement. It is a fresh canvas to decorate, a great excuse to declutter, and perhaps the best excuse to host a great get-together. Now that you have moved in, set the furniture in the perfect arrangement, and hung the wall art that perfectly expresses your personality, it is time to invite your closest friends to show off the new digs. The only problem is that as you look around, you are not sure where to put everyone, what to serve, and if it will be enough space for everyone to enjoy themselves. Don’t fear, it can be pulled off by following a few simple steps. Start off by jotting down the guest list. If you are having a hard time figuring out who to invite, it might be wise to stick to a particular group of friends. It is often easier to keep the conversation lively if the majority of the guests know each other from work or other social groups. Next is the food (everyone’s favorite). Though it may be hard, don’t over complicate it by trying to serve several courses, especially if your kitchen and/or skills are not equipped to handle that type of undertaking. It is a great idea to set up the food in more of a buffet or hors d’oeuvres fashion to let the guests mingle as they snack. However, this does not mean that it has to look like a Golden Corral. Check out some creative ideas on how to display the food and drink on Pinterest. If you’re really struggling, go ahead and pick up some platters from your favorite restaurant and re-plate them on your own dishes, no one will notice. Utilize any flat surface to set up makeshift drink stations and display different bite-sized goodies. If you want to dress it up a bit, put a decorative cloth over different tables, stools, and even stereos and it will give your place a cozy feel and make the most out of every inch. Making a few set drinks in advance will keep your stress level down and everyone hydrated. The last thing to do to cement your host title is to have some all-inclusive activities for your guests to participate in. Board games, cards, and charades are usually easy to pull off but if you are feeling brave, go all out and get the karaoke going. It will be a sure crowd pleaser and will give your guests a lot to talk about until you decide to host the next event. Remember to have fun, get creative, and draw inspiration from different blogs, websites, and Pinterest boards. Before you know it, your friends will be begging you to host every shindig.

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