Happy Guests Make A Happy House

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Lucky, lucky you. You’ve got a spare room where your friends or family members can stay when they come to see you. It’s a place where they can unpack and unwind, while still being able to be close to you, their loved one.
make yourself at home
But just because your guest is happy to see you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go a bit out of your way to make them feel their most comfortable. This begins with making them feel at home in your home. The best place to start is by not cluttering the room. Of course, the guest room will be decorated in your style, with your furniture and artwork, but don’t completely fill the space so it feels overpowering. This is the place to use a bit of restraint, and decorate with your future guests in mind.
If you have the space, add a spot where your guests can sit that’s not the bed. A place to take off their shoes, read a book, or check their email. While we’re on the topic of keeping your guests comfortable, it’s good to look into what you’re like when you go to a hotel. Do you like extra pillows, or a blanket on the bed in case it gets chilly? What about a pair of slippers or a robe? All the little things you appreciate when you travel, your guests will appreciate as well.
Speaking of slippers and a fuzzy robe, make sure there’s space to keep their clothes while they’re all wrapped up. Clean out a couple of drawers in your dresser and stock the closet with some spare hangers. If you’re feeling fancy, spring for a pack of those wonderful, no-slip hangers. Pop a dryer sheet in the dresser drawers and the top of the closet to ensure there’s no musty smells lingering anywhere. While you’re at it, take a bottle of Febreze or linen spray to the entire guest room, with a special focus on the sheets, pillows, and curtains.
Probably the place your hospitality will be most noticeable is in the bathroom. This is where your hosting star can really shine. Fresh towels are an absolute must. A stop at Target or Walgreens to stock up on mini bottles of toiletries will take you a long way too. The basics are shampoo and conditioner, mouthwash, toothpaste, and lotion. If you want to step it up, get a toothbrush, loofah, and razor, just in case your guest forgets some of their favorite bath items. The final touch? Set out a candle in a scent that’s not too strong, and a pack of matches.
The final, and arguably most important, thing to have handy for your guests: the wifi name and password. But be forewarned, when you’re being this generous, your guests may never leave! Tags: ,

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