Grassless Gardens

May 25, 2016 1:32 am Published by   SPOILER ALERT: You don’t actually need grass to call it a garden. Groundbreaking, right?
As people move into a more eco-friendly lifestyle, parts of the country continue to battle severe droughts, and lawn maintenance eats into our already way too short weekends, it’s becoming more and more sensible to have a grassless garden. And with the rise in popularity of things like cacti, succulents, and minimalistic decor, it’s never been easier to find inspiration and create your own easy-to-maintain garden.
First things first, your garden needs a space to call home. Luckily, part of what makes these types of plants so great is that they require minimal care. Succulents can be placed in just about any little nook and cranny you can find. Old broken planters? Succulents would be more than happy there. A corner of your backyard that’s been overlooked? Spruce it up with layers of small cacti. There’s even an Ikea hack to turn one of their famous (and famously cheap!) Lack tables into a succulent wonderland. Not a succulent expert yet? Try checking out the SuccuLove Instagram account to pinpoint which types of these practical plants strikes your fancy.
Got extra containers laying around? Maybe extra vases or tupperware, or even little trinket boxes? The good news is, small succulents and cacti will happily make these items their home. This also makes your grassless garden portable, so you can move them all around your indoor and outdoor space. Here’s an article from the home expert Martha Stewart on how to properly plant succulents and cacti, and you can follow her advice using any sort of spare containers you may have collected over the years.
Ok, it’s time to move outside. Cacti is great for our Texas weather, because it loves the warmth just as much as we do! With minimal water requirements and a thick skin for the summer heat, lining your garden with cacti is a fashionable and and practical choice. Plus, there are OVER 2.000 different types of cacti to choose from, so it won’t be difficult to find one (or a dozen!) that you like. When considering your base layer, you have tons of options here as well. Small stones can be mixed with larger, decorative rocks, crystals, or small pieces of sea glass. Gravel comes in all different sizes and colors, so you can customize your garden’s look. You can add branches, driftwood, or even antlers. Because after all, your grassless garden is in Texas!       Tags: , , , , ,

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