Getting Together In A Small Space

April 24, 2016 5:12 pm Published by You’re all moved in, unpacked, and have (most) of the things you need for your new home. So what’s next? Have your friends and family over to celebrate of course!
Whether it’s a big occasion like a holiday dinner, or something quick and easy like a casual Sunday brunch, it’s not as difficult to have people over as it may seem. It just takes a touch of creative thinking and flexibility.
First things first. How many people are coming over? Is this a sit down thing? If not, you won’t need chairs for everyone, you could probably get away with half the number of chairs as RSVPs. But if you do need chairs, there’s nothing wrong with bringing outside chairs in, or moving your comfy lounge chair from the bedroom to the living room. If you’re really short on seating, ask a friend if you can swing by the day before and borrow the chairs from her place. To shake things up even more, why not take your dining table outdoors? If the weather is a bit chilly, hanging a blanket or scarf over each chair is a thoughtful move to ensure each guest isn’t shivering while trying to enjoy their food.
Speaking of food, you have a variety of options in this arena. Sure you can make everything yourself if you have the time, but it may be easier to simply pick up pre-made items from the grocery store. You can even transfer the edibles to your own serving dishes and recycle the packaging before anyone comes over to make yourself look like the ultimate host. You could also go one step further, and order in from a favorite local restaurant. You’d save yourself the prep time, eliminate or greatly reduce clean-up, and you’d be guaranteed that everyone, even the pickiest of guests, could find something they liked.
Finally, it’s the little details that can really make a difference. A solid playlist, full of popular songs you know your guests like is always going to be a hit. There’s nothing better than hearing the opening line to your favorite song at a party to elevate the festive mood. Light candles in the kitchen and bathroom to mask any funky odors. If you don’t feel your space is big enough, open all your doors and windows to mimic the feeling of a larger, indoor/outdoor setup.
If you want go that one final step, have all your guests drop their phones in a bowl when they walk through the door, and enjoy each other’s company without being attached to a screen.     

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