Fridge and Pantry Must Haves

January 22, 2016 1:08 am Published by Fridge and Pantry Must Haves It really is the mark of adulthood, isn’t it, a well stocked kitchen? The ability to just throw together something at a moment’s notice. None of us particularly like the daily what’s-for-dinner conundrum. It’s the last thing we want to worry about when we’re on the highway in traffic, trying to make it home at a reasonable hour. Picture this: it’s a long day at the office, you didn’t get a proper lunch break, you’re starting to get itchy because it’s almost quitting time. In pops your boss, asking you for a last minute meeting. Once the meeting has wrapped up, you’re late leaving the office. You make it home, but it’s started to rain on your commute. You’re finally inside the house only to realize there’s nothing left in the kitchen for dinner. Back out into the rain you go, to pick up a quick and greasy fast food meal. Talk about frustrating. Luckily, there’s a way to avoid some of that frustration. Keeping your fridge and pantry stocked with some tried and true essentials is always a good idea. So, this begs the question, what is a kitchen essential? The Everygirl tries to answer this question and does a pretty stellar job, listing a multitude of items that are worth the pantry real estate. This list, compiled by Parents Magazine, would be a great one to accompany you to the grocery story, since it includes several healthy choices that would be easy to turn into a meal. If you’re looking to really set yourself up in the food department, it’s hard to go wrong as Costco. Find a friend with a membership or sign up for a year, the prices are fairly reasonable. And it’s not all 80 pound boxes of cereal. Costco actually offers some pretty unexpected, and pretty luxe!, items. Check out this list from Town & Country to see what glitzy items can be found on the shelves at the discount giant. Right, so, once the pantry and fridge are stocked, it’s time to figure out how to combine all these ingredients. It might seem obvious, but is a great place to find recipes. They have an entire section devoted to quick and easy meals. They also have 3 steps or less meals, which is like a godsend for the busy professionals out there. And if all else fails, breakfast for dinner is always a winning bet!

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