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July 17, 2015 1:32 am Published by bg-amenities Living in an apartment poses some unique challenges. Making your space as livable as possible is important, but you also want a place for all the items you’ve collected over the years. Here are some helpful tips for making the most of a smaller space: Organization: Organize everything! Make sure that in every room, everything has a place and you always take a few moments to put things back where they go. Search Pinterest for some great ideas on simple projects to organize your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. It is a great resource that will include step by step instructions to keep you on track and ensure that your space is as efficient as possible. Dual Purpose Furniture: This has its clear advantages as the dual purpose furniture will look great while still giving you a place to put all your stuff. Try getting a large chest to use as a coffee table. This will provide a ton of room to store throw blankets, controllers for all of your electronics, board games, and DVDs. Use tall ottomans with storage in them to sit in front of the bar area. You can store seasonal decorations, clothing and any other bulky items all while providing extra seating and a cozy look. Get a tall bookshelf for books of course, but also for extra kitchen appliances or pretty plates, and add niknaks in between. Baskets on the lower shelves provide a hideaway for anything you can’t find the right place for. Get Creative: Use every cubic foot of your place as a possible storage area. Don’t just rely on floorspace either as some of the best storage simply takes a glance up. Hang cabinets, hooks, and shelves up on the walls to give more surface area and utilize the vertical space. Hanging some of your more unusual items like bikes, kayaks, or a special piece of clothing can help with storage and provide a very unique design approach. Be sure to search the web and take some inspiration from Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge, and Loft I Love, and always remember to that when in doubt, if it gives a better storage option, it will make your apartment life better as well. Tags:

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