Do’s and Don’ts: Working From Home

December 4, 2015 12:41 am Published by Do’s and Don’ts: Working From Home Research is telling us that more and more employees are working from home. Whether it’s by choice (lucky you!) or maybe bad weather or a personal issue is keeping you from the office, it’s still important that you get your work done, no matter where the magic actually happens. It remains to be seen whether working remotely can boost your productivity, but we’re all probably guilty of spending too much work time in the break room or chatting with co-workers. On the one hand, that’s part of what makes working at home fantastic: decreased distractions and increase productively. But, if you’re not careful, being at home can feel just as stressful as being at an office. First of all, the most important factor: the set-up. Where are you going to work from? Your kitchen table may seem like the best option, but if it’s right in front of the TV you could easily see an entire day slip by episode by episode. Maybe your patio seems just right, but the sun glares off your screen and the neighbor has a cute dog that catches your eye every 15 seconds. It’s important to try out several different locations in your home until you find the one that works for you. Second, make sure you have exactly what you need. Of course, you’ll bring home all the items you can from the office, but your workspace at home should feel just as inspiring. Try making coffee or tea in a cute mug, and straighten your space, so your hard work is easy to find and won’t get lost among your daily mail. A pretty pad of paper or a color coordinated set of sticky notes, whatever it is that makes you feel good, those are the items you should include in your home work space. And finally, the ambiance. Arguably the most important factor in keeping you calm and focused is the feel of the space. Open the curtains and crack a window to keep the fresh air flowing. Turn on your favorite music at whatever volume you want, you know since you won’t have coworkers complaining that they hate your style. Light as many candles as you want without worrying what the fragrance will do to anyone’s allergies. Make sure you have a healthy lunch and drink water throughout the day to keep you hydrated and on topic. Making a cognizant effort to keep your work space serene and organized will keep you on track and show your boss and coworkers that you’re a valuable worker, whether in the office or in your home.

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