Cozy Up For Winter

December 18, 2015 12:47 am Published by Cozy Up For Winter Ahhh, winter. Some people love it, some hate it. No matter which side of the spectrum you fall on, there’s no escaping the fact that winter brings low temperatures and dark skies. As soon as the sun starts setting early, we get into the difficult position where we’re going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. This can really do a number on your mood. That’s why it’s important to keep your home nice and cozy during the winter months. Cable knit blankets and pillows not only keep you warm, but also bring a winter chic look to your space. Dark colors and heavy textures give your home the look of a fashionable ski lodge, where any minute you may see the doors fling open and feel a rush of fresh, icy air. If you’re someone who likes to switch out their blankets and pillows on a regular basis, Ikea is a great place for you. They have gorgeous blankets at a great price, so you won’t feel bad if you want to pack the blankets away at the end of the season. Homegoods is also a good resource, as they often sell their pillows in sets of two (nothing worse than finding one pillow you love, and you can’t find its mate). Another way to bring the best of winter indoors is via scent. Warm, musky scents like sandalwood and birch can evoke the feeling of a cozy hideaway from the harshness of the weather outside. Many popular brands make winter specific scents that make a night at home feel more luxurious. A tried and true secret to filling your home with a cozy scent is from a stovetop simmer pot. Set a large pot full of water to simmer on the stove and add ingredients until your heart’s content. Things like pinecones, apples, lemons with cloves, cinnamon, oranges, or cranberries are good additions to your stovetop simmer. You can even leave your simmer on the stove for a few days, refilling the water and turing on the heat when you want to. One of the very best ways to keep cozy in the winter is by making your very own winter spread. Move all the furniture out of the way and line the living room floor with blankets and pillows. Turn on your favorite music or movie and light candles or make a stovetop simmer to fill your home with incredible fragrance. Indulge in heaping mugs of hot chocolate (with milk, not water!) and make s’mores in the microwave. Voila! A winter wonderland, all without having to step foot outside into the cold.

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