Cooler evenings are on the horizon

August 21, 2015 2:06 pm Published by Now that the vicious Texas summer is winding down and cooler evenings are on the horizon, it is time to start taking full advantage of your patio and balcony. Whether it is your morning cup of coffee, a delicious brunch with a few friends, or an intimate dinner, get outside to enjoy some fabulous fresh McKinney air. Patios and balconies are sometimes the most underutilized space in our lives because we don’t know how to turn them into a functional and comfortable space. Often times, the furniture at box stores is too big and bulky and is rarely made for a smaller area with nontraditional dimensions. It is important to have a plan of action when figuring out how you want the layout to look. Start on one of the sides and find either old crates or an outdoor wicker chest and stack some weather resistant pillows up on top to create a great bench. When you are not using the space, you can protect and store your pillows in the crates or chest to help with their longevity. Depending on the size of the patio or balcony, you can opt to use either a cafe table with mismatched chairs to give it a unique look or you can keep with the theme of old crates and use them to create table space. Both options allow you to be flexible with seating options and size as there are many unique styles out there for you to use. Get some plants of all different shapes and sizes and arrange some on the ground, some on the table, some on the opposite side of the railing, and even some hanging from above. This will tie the space together and give it a great garden feeling. On the opposite wall of your bench, experiment with some cushions, pillows, and blankets directly on the ground. This is the ultimate spot to curl up with a book or snuggle as the sun goes down. Plus, it can double as a cozy dog bed to have your pup out enjoying your new oasis with you. Most patio or balcony lights leave a lot to be desired. Take advantage of any outlets that are outside and hang some cafe lights or an outdoor chandelier to give a dim glow. Supplement that with a variety of candles to give the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Make your patio or balcony your favorite space and enjoy the beautiful McKinney weather and the warm Texas nights.

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