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October 23, 2015 4:17 am Published by It’s more than a great place to live… It’s a great place to be alive.    Walking into a brand new apartment usually comes with the sterile feeling of Aspen White paint on the walls and perfect vacuum lines in the carpet. It comes as a blank canvas, unlimited possibilities, and an amazing opportunity to let your personality fill the space. Unfortunately as many of you know, month after month goes by and the walls stay blank. What is the culprit? The outrageous price of art. Seems like these days, when a local artist hangs a piece in the local coffee shop, they are inclined to price is as if it was in the Guggenheim. What to do now… leave the walls bare and cold or spend an arm and leg to dress them up? The answer is neither. There are a ton of great resources these days to score some great works that don’t destroy the bottom line in your bank account. Try Craigslist first. There are often some great scores for dirt cheap, helping to keep up the stereotype “starving artist.” They often need to clear space in their home or studio and just try to recoup the cost of their supplies. People who are moving or redecorating also post a ton of great art. Don’t forget to bargain though. Etsy is also a great site to check. They organize the works by style so no matter if you are looking for a watercolor of a chihuahua or an abstract acrylic, you’ll find it here. If you see something that catches your eye but you want something custom, you can always reach out to the artist and commission a piece to match your vision. If you are more into well known pieces, is the place to check. You can get amazing reproductions of all the classics. Picasso you say? Get your cubism on here. Crazy for Dali? Your head will explode with all of the options of his unique work. Wishing for Warhol? Make your place pop with over four hundred options from him. They come in a variety of sizes and you have the option to add a frame. The great thing is, there are tons of other places to buy inexpensive, but fantastic pieces. Research a bit and rely on some of the well-known list websites. Buzzfeed has a great list of 21 places to buy affordable art, including some great up-and-coming sites like The Little Collector, Society6, and Thumbtack Press. Mix it up, get out there, and find some amazing yet affordable art to fill your apartment.

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