Best City Bike for a McKinney Meander

October 30, 2015 4:20 am Published by stpaulssquarelake Since the Adriatica development took inspiration from the small Croatian village of Supetar, it is only natural that the design also included plenty of paths fit for biking, just like you are in Europe. With everything from coffee and groceries to your favorite restaurant accessible to these paths, the real debate is what bike to get to make getting around a breeze. A city bike is the natural option, even though they are heavier than most road and mountain bikes, they are far more comfortable. They also often come equipped with racks and/or baskets to help carry all of your shopping home. The upright riding position, padded seat, and easy gear settings are also in an effort to make the ride more comfortable. The Opa City Dutch Cruiser will have you feeling more like you are cruising the canals of Amsterdam than the streets of McKinney. The simple design will keep the fuss to a minimum and the convenience of a front and rear rack will leave you extra room for the groceries and a furry friend to tag along. The Detroit hipster classic brand Shinola offers an amazing bike that is appropriately named the Runwell. It is American made with precision that is second to none, and the fully fendered wheels will keep your outfit clean even in wet conditions. Even though this is the most expensive bike on the list, it is undoubtedly the coolest. If you want to really show your personality, check out Republic Bike. The Plato Step-Thru is completely customizable and lets you choose the color of literally everything. On the website, you can see what the finished product looks like as you choose options for the frame, chaincase, grips, saddle, tires, skirt, bell, and housing and the bike will be to you in around seven days. So go ahead and get funky and get noticed. No matter the bike that you end up with, you will be the talk of the town with one of these amazing city bike options. Remember the rules of the road, be safe, and always remember to have fun.

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