Bachelor Pad Must Have

October 2, 2015 2:51 am Published by For the gentlemen out there, you know that even with the best intentions, your home decorating efforts can be misunderstood. Toss out your conventional thinking of supermodel on a supercar poster and go for a simple yet sophisticated approach. Start with the living room because it’s where you and your friends are bound to spend the majority of your time. Invest in a good couch, it’s definitely worth it. Make sure it’s comfortable and fits the space. Keep a soft blanket draped over the back, not only to protect it, but also for the moment your date mentions she’s chilly. A large TV is acceptable if it is displayed properly but be careful with the sound system. Try to get something that sounds good but doesn’t overwhelm the room with its size (check out Bose for some great systems). In the kitchen, don’t stock your entire refrigerator with beer. Get a bottle of vodka and whiskey as they can be mixed with everything from Coke to water and keep some orange and cranberry juice handy. Keep some hummus and salsa stocked as they make for great snacks to serve and people love to eat them with everything. Have some nuts, veggies, and fruits to offer when guests come over so you don’t always have to turn to a bag of chips. Your bedroom should be perfect. Upgrade your bedding and have a spare set of sheets to swap out every week. Get some new pillows and throw out the sweat stained ones you’ve had since high school. Bedside lamps provide great alternate lighting to make the room feel inviting. Make sure you not only have a laundry basket in your closet, but use it. Nothing takes away from your domicile more than smelly undies and sweaty gym clothes thrown all around. To top all this off, try to make sure that you have a piece of art in every room. This doesn’t mean that you need something hanging on the wall everywhere, as you can find some small sculptures, unique shaped furniture, interesting lighting, and textured rugs to express your personality. Hire a regular housekeeper if you know that you will not do it yourself. A sloppy place will be a lonely place, as your friends will cease to come over and your dates will be few and far between. Keep the bathroom stocked with toilet paper, hand soap, and towels and make sure that it is always presentable as you never know when someone will drop in.

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