A Decor Refresh (With Things You Already Own)

May 4, 2016 5:40 pm Published by Sure, it’s not exactly rocket science, figuring out how to style your home. But it can present its own unique challenges.
There are the things we have to have (think toothpaste, spoons, toilet paper) and then there are things that we’d traditionally consider decorative items. But what if the two categories could merge? Is there a way to create a space that’s both functional and stylish, without heading out to HomeGoods to stock up on all new pieces? The answer is yes, and the tools are already in your home.
The key to a successful merge is looking at your space with a new set of eyes. Instead of thinking about things staying in their designated place or room, consider the possibilities of spreading items throughout your home. In your kitchen, cookbooks can be moved to the center of your dining room table, or stacked up underneath your coffee table. Instead of living in a cabinet, dessert plates or fine china can hang in a pattern on the wall, creating a large piece of art (bonus points because no one else will have it!). Funky measuring cups or cute salt and pepper shakers can add a little spice to an otherwise basic bookshelf setup.
Your closet is a gold mine for decor items. Nice pairs of shoes that maybe don’t get the wear they should can be displayed on a shelf, or lined up in a corner of your bedroom to add some contrast. Colorful kimonos or a vintage item with a special meaning can be hung on the wall in a bedroom or bathroom for an interesting eye-catching look. Jewelry and accessories are a gold mine of possibilities. Unique handbags can lean up framed photos for another layer of style, and scarves can be tied around drawer pulls or lampshades to add texture. Cufflinks, earrings, bracelets, and tie clips can be stacked in bowls or small plates and set on the bathroom counter or entryway catch-all table.  
Even making small changes, such as taking chunky blankets and extra pillows from the closet and adding them to your current bedroom or couch setup, or mix and matching your sheet sets can transform the entire look of a room. Move the stack of magazines from the bathroom to the patio and arrange them by color. Put coffee table books underneath lamps to create height and contrast or wrap them all in brown paper to create a small sense of mystery.
With the right outlook, and a little bit of creativity, you can give your home a makeover without ever stepping foot inside a store.  

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