A Coffee Worth Walking For

November 30, 2015 4:59 am Published by A huge advantage of living in St Paul Square is the proximity to the most important stop of the day: STARBUCKS. Not only does living near one raise the property value and promote appreciation (according to CNBC and Zillow) but it gives the much needed caffeine fix that puts us in gear each morning. Starbucks is the model of consistency and having one so close ensures that you know what you are getting when you need a pick-me-up. Each barista is responsible for knowing how to perfectly prepare any one of the 87,000 different drink combinations and welcome you to try to stump them. Aside from the care that they put into each cup, the equipment is also second to none. Even when you are seriously slow from either a late night at Harry’s at the Harbor or just tired from binge watching Netflix, you can count on Starbucks to deliver the freshest cup of joe. They do not serve any coffee that is more than 30 minutes old and if they are out of the blend that you fancy, they will be happy to do a pour over on the spot. Don’t worry if you are running late either, as the average wait time is less than 3 minutes and a Starbucks that has two registers and a full staff can pound out up to 220 customers in an hour. Research is showing that coffee isn’t just a remedy for a lethargic demeanor, it is also getting some backing from researchers showing that it has a ton of health benefits. Medical News Today published an article that explains the correlation of coffee and a reduced risk of type two diabetes, Parkinson’s, liver cancer/liver disease, and heart failure. Since it is so close, Starbucks will be easy to incorporate into your everyday routine (if it isn’t already) so get up, get out there, and walk around Adriatica Village. There is so much to offer within steps of your front door.

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