3 Pieces Of Furniture That Can Also Be Storage

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You see don’t have to have an apartment cluttered with boxes and containers to keep your floor free and clear of stuff you don’t use every day; you just have to find the right pieces of furniture that are meant to do double-duty, serving as storage units and aesthetically-pleasing furnishings. Here are our top three pieces of furniture that are built to be used for storage, too:

1. Optimal Storage In Ottomans

They seem innocent enough — ottomans are the unassuming boxes meant to hang out beneath your feet and keep your ankles elevated when a good show comes to your remote control. What your visitors don’t have to know is that the world under their socks is stuffed with stuff that would otherwise be cluttering the countertop. Ottomans make the top of our list because they’re incredibly discreet, highly capable of hiding clutter, and able to hang out in plain sight without causing a hindrance to house guests.

2. Space-Saving Shoe Racks

Shoes are necessary, but they can get in the way. Look for space-saving shoe storage furniture that can double as entryway pieces where you can throw your mail or keys when you come home after work. Slender pieces that are artfully designed will give you just enough space to stow your soles without taking up a ton of room around your home. If you’re ready to get crafty with your living space and ready to embrace all of the conveniences that are at your fingertips when you live in McKinney, check out St. Paul’s photo gallery today!

3. Under-The-Mattress Space Optimization

If there is nothing else you’ll need while you’re busy figuring out how to make the world a better, more amazing place, you’re still going to need a place to sleep. Under-the-mattress storage options offer the perfect way to stow blankets, pillows and clothes away in a place that’s easily accessible, yet completely hidden from the naked eye. There are plenty of companies with great bedside etiquette. Look into the options offered by Room & Board or IKEA so you can easily optimize the space under your mattress springs.

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